As a member in Great Commission Churches, I commit to:

1. Love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.

2. Believe and follow God's word at all costs.

3. Love and honor my fellow believer in Christ as Jesus Christ has loved and honored me.

4. Uphold the following core values of the Great Commission Churches. These core values are further defined in the attached Statement of Core Values.

G Grace of God-God's grace through Jesus Christ is the basis and power, not only of our personal lives, but also of our ministry.

C Commitment to God and His Word-Our aspiration is that our ministries will be marked by a wholehearted devotion to God, through prayer and by studying, obeying and teaching His Word.

A All Nations Reached With The Gospel-Our ultimate goal and mission is to reach the whole world with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to make disciples of all the nations.

C Church-The local church is God's vehicle for accomplishing the Great Commission. The church is the place for winning people to Christ, building them to maturity, raising up leaders, and for preparing church planting teams to be sent out for the expansion of God's kingdom.


C Church Leadership-We place a priority upon raising up pastors and other leaders of Christ-like character within the local church.

O Oneness (Love and Unity)-We desire our ministry to be marked by a Christ-like, selfless love, loyalty, and unity with fellow believers.

R Raising Godly Families-Strong families are the foundation for strong churches. Therefore we make it a priority to equip members and pastors in building their marriages and families.

E Every Member A Minister-All Christians are empowered through the Holy Spirit to be workers in the church, not just the pastors. Therefore we seek to equip each member to utilize his/her spiritual gifts to serve others.

5. Strive to believe the best about any who make this cove­nant, to support them with a loyal tongue, and to be quick to defend them. I will be slow to accept an accusation against them and will not accept such an accusation unless it is sup­ported by the testimony of two or three witnesses. If an accusation should prove to be valid, I will seek to gently and lovingly confront and restore my wayward brother to a faithful walk with Christ.

6. Love all those who make this covenant and to unite with them as fellow team members, believing in them, serving them sacrifi­cially and holding them accountable to this cove­nant, as we unite together to bring glory to our Lord and to accom­plish His work on this earth.