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What is the ministry goal of Great Commission Churches?

The primary ministry goal of Great Commission Churches is to proclaim Jesus Christ and His gospel, as revealed in the Scriptures. For an explanation on how to become a Christian, read "Are You a Christian?" The Great Commission Church Statement of Faith describes in greater detail the message of Jesus Christ.

Our second major ministry focus is to promote and teach from the Bible the "Great Commission Church" vision, so that Great Commission churches will multiplied throughout the world. (Thus the name "Great Commission Churches, New Testament Christianity in Action Today." ) The Great Commission Churches Core Values Paper describes in greater detail what a Great Commission church looks like.

To promote this vision, Great Commission Churches provides the following ministries:

  1. In the U.S, all Great Commission churches, campus and community, are organized geographically (Great Commission Ohio, Great Commission Northlands, Great Commission Mountains West, etc.) where geographical meetings are held by regional leaders to teach and promote the Great Commission Church vision and to work together to plant and build Great Commission churches in their region.
  2. An international right hand of fellowship ministry (GCA) exists to promote geographical church associations and churches throughout the world (Great Commission Asia, Great Commission Europe, etc.) that multiply Great Commission churches internationally.
  3. Specialized ministries (such as the national campus ministry, the Prayer Partners ministry, and International Student Ministry) are designed so that all churches in all the regions may become more effective Great Commission churches.
  4. National conferences (such as Faithwalkers, the Pastors Conference, and High School Leadership Training) are held annually to equip people to build and plant Great Commission churches.
  5. Books and publications (such as the Faithwalkers Journal and Great Commission Leadership Institute) are provided to inspire churches to be devoted to Jesus Christ and the Great Commission.