To be a member church in Great Commission Churches, a church must agree to the GCC Statement of Faith.  The GCC association is evangelical in doctrine and practice, holding to the basic truths of orthodox, protestant Christianity. In addition, member churches in GCC agree to support the GCC Core values as found in the GCC Core Values Statement.   

At the same time, each local church in GCC is autonomous under the Lord Jesus Christ, and some churches may want to emphasize other biblical doctrines or practices not mentioned in the GCC doctrinal or core values statements. If you are interested in knowing what a local church teaches on a particular topic, we encourage you to contact that church directly. 

One should also be aware that a specific position taken in a message or book by a pastor in a GCC church does not necessarily represent the views of GCC or of other GCC churches.  In addition, a teaching or presentation by a GCC pastor in books offered on the GCC website or in a message given at a GCC-sponsored conference, ultimately represents that author or teacher and not necessarily the entire GCC association. An author or speaker who is a pastor in a GCC church is given an opportunity to communicate in a GCC conference or on the GCC website because he affirms the general teaching found in the GCC Statement of Faith and GCC Core Values Statement.

Over the years, Great Commission has distributed audios, videos and books produced by current or former pastors in Great Commission.  Many of these books and teachings were produced in the 1980s by Great Commission International (GCI) before the significant leadership changes that occurred after GCI became Great Commission Churches in 1989.  Unless those books, audios or videos are presently made available on the GCC website, one should not assume that those materials represent the teaching of GCC today.

If you are interested in knowing what GCC currently teaches, we encourage you to read these two documents: The GCC Statement of Faith and the GCC Core Values Statement. If you have any questions about this statement or about any specific doctrinal belief of Great Commission Churches please contact us at .