Each member church in GCC is self-governing and has final authority over its own affairs. The local church (rather than GCC) appoints and oversees its own elders and staff. Also, GCC does not own any church buildings or have any control over church budgets. Each church in GCC is a voluntary member of the association for the purpose of advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ with other like-minded churches. By being part of GCC a church is voluntarily agreeing to live by the doctrines and values taught in the Scriptures as described in the GCC Statement of Faith and Core Values Paper.

As for the pastors, our association has a high commitment to humility (click here). Jesus said, "Let him who is the greatest among you be as the youngest, and the leader as the servant" (Luke 22:26). Pastors are to be the most teachable men in the church. Therefore, we encourage every pastor to humbly listen to concerns expressed by a church member.

If an individual believes that his or her church is not complying with Biblical standards, what is that individual to do? Our policy is that a church member should work through the Matthew 18:15-17 process, presenting his or her concerns to a pastor in the church and then, if not satisfied, to the board of that church. If still not satisfied, that individual has the option to contact a regional or national office of Great Commission Churches.  Also, at any time in the process, a person has the option of contacting our office directly about any concerns related to a church in our association.  Our commitment is to address concerns with confidentiality, impartiality and sensitivity, with the goal of restoration and reconciliation.

Our appeal is that if you have a concern with a church in our association that you will pursue this God-honoring process.  In addition, if you hear of a concern, or you know someone who has a concern, we ask that you encourage that individual to follow this process. Our confidence is that if we are committed to this Biblical process, the church will be strengthened, the gospel of Jesus Christ will spread, and God will be glorified.  (For resources that help Christians pursue a Biblical reconciliation process, see Peacemaker Ministries.)