Always Looking to Him

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At the command of the Lord they camped; and at the command of the Lord they set out; they kept the Lord’s charge, according to the command of the Lord through Moses. - Numbers 9:23

Every day the Israelites had to look to God to see what they were going to do. They might be one place today, but tomorrow? Only God knew. God led, they followed. We too need to follow God.

As the Israelites set up their camp, the tabernacle was always in the center. Then the Levites and priests set up around the tabernacle. On the outer circle of the camp were the rest of the Israelites. But God was in the center. They lived their lives centered around God. Imagine a Jewish mom going out to wash clothes or gather manna: between the hustle of people and the ocean of tents, in the distance she sees purple—it’s the tabernacle. The Israeli man, going about his daily work, looks up and sees the tabernacle. God was there in their midst, a part of their everyday lives.

We too need to center our lives around God, not God around our lives. He needs to be in the midst of my day-to-day living. Not just put aside for Sunday or quiet times.

God is a personal God. He wants to be involved in everything you do. He isn’t content only to be met with at church, in your life group, or even in your quiet times. He wants to be part of your life when you are washing the dishes, changing the diapers, finishing that project at work. Each day look to Him to see what He wants you to do. Not “This is my plan, bless it, Lord.” But “What is Your plan for me today?” Am I willing to set down my plan for God’s? Am I always looking to Him?

Submitted by:
Shirley Ferguson
Oakridge Community Church
Clarksville, Maryland

One-Year Bible Reading
Numbers 8:1-9:23
Mark 13:14-37
Psalm 50:1-23
Proverbs 10:29-30


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