God Is Super Complex

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Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and unfathomable His ways! - Romans 11:33

Over the past few days, we have talked about God’s presence and emotions along with His attentiveness to our prayers. This process started when I was asked to preach about “Who God Is.” As I prepared, I found so many lists of the attributes of God. But as I reflected on what I personally knew about God, those lists seemed sterile and insufficient in so many ways.

In some way, the lists were a human attempt to simplify God so that we can get our minds around Him. In retrospect, even the concept of that seems laughable. While I was wrestling with that sermon prep, I remember asking my wife about something she said that I was not understanding properly. She laughed and said, “You want to understand God, and you can’t even understand women.” She was correct, and the more I thought of it, the more I realized that God is more complex than even women. That was a lot to get my male mind around, and, honestly, that is probably just the tip of the iceberg. So God is Incomprehensibly Complex!

But as I uncovered His emotional, even vulnerable side, I found God to be even more relatable. I am made in His image; that means something. I love Him deeply, He speaks to me, I feel His presence—I know Him! And fortunately for me, I am known by Him.

So while God is Incomprehensibly Complex, He is Intimately Knowable.

The amazing thing is that this incomprehensibly complex being wants me to get to know Him even more. Will you open yourself up to experience God more deeply, not just in your head, but in your heart?

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Tony Pierson

Blacksburg, Virginia

One-Year Bible Reading
Isaiah 3:1-5:30
2 Corinthians 11:1-15
Psalm 53:1-6
Proverbs 22:28-29


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