God Likes Camping

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And they journeyed from the Red Sea, and camped in the wilderness of Sin.  – Numbers 33:11

Camping is the exciting adventure where we go out into God’s creation and live for a temporary amount of time in less than normal conditions. To some, it means taking the RV, Winnebago, or camper with the microwave, toilet, shower, and TV. Real camping is with a tent, Coleman stove, and no bathroom or showers. This was the kind of camping the Jews did for 40 years! What was God trying to teach His people?

He wanted them to understand that the wilderness was not their permanent home. The promised land was their permanent home. The wilderness was the place they were just passing through on the way.

What can we learn from their experience? Do not get too comfortable here on earth because you know you will be moving again. Our promised land is heaven. Our stay on earth is just temporary. We are just passing through. In 80 to 90 years or less we will be out of here!

Our family has moved three times to start churches or strengthen existing ones. It seems like I get my apple trees planted and growing well, and then we move before we can enjoy the fruit. The house and yard are finally in a condition that we like, and then God says to move. We are sad to leave our friends and home. It is always a struggle of faith to let go. Our hope is not in our possessions, but in God, people, and the eternal. We know where our real home is and what is of lasting value—souls! Are you camping with God or “hunkering down” (digging in) for a long stay? God likes camping.

Submitted by:
Stephen Scott Nelson
Atlanta House Church
Georgia, Atlanta

One-Year Bible Reading
1 Kings 18:1-46
Acts 11:1-30
Psalm 135:1-21
Proverbs 17:12-13

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