Meditation 101 – 2

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Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving . . . Who covers . . . Who provides . . . Who makes . . . He gives . . . . - Psalm 147: 7-9

I know about chores. Growing up on a dairy farm, we had about three and a half hours of chores on every school day (and I am being very conservative in those hours!) But none can match the Lord in “chores.” He covers the heavens with clouds every day! The average cumulus cloud weighs about 1.1 million pounds! He sees to it that some water is evaporated into the sky, and then He makes sure that it stays in formation as a cloud and that it is blown to the place where it is needed. Then He makes sure that that moisture condenses and brings this 1.1 million pounds down in life-giving droplets, rather than as a crushing blanket of death. He provides rain for the earth. He provides rain. He provides.

He makes grass to grow on the mountains. He makes grass to grow. He makes grass to grow. The grass is for the beasts that He has put there on the mountains. He gives to the beasts their food. He gives to the beasts their food. He gives.

I have done chores, but never have I had such responsibilities as God faithfully undertakes every day. He is in a class all His own. Whether I meditate on His provision to His creation or not, He is faithfully providing for it. He covers, He provides, He makes, and He gives.

 If we will meditate on these truths, we will convince ourselves of something that is true. And then our song will come from thanksgiving, not from obligation. Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving. Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving. Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving!

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Bob Hibbing

Lifehouse Church
Decorah, Iowa

One-Year Bible Reading
Numbers 30:1-31:54
Luke 4:1-30
Psalm 63:1-11
Proverbs 11:20-21

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