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Faithwalkers Journal

A daily devotional staple for many Great Commission Christians, this publication has been encouraging GCC churches for over 20 years.


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The GCLI program is a church-based curriculum, used by elders to train other elders within their church. 


morale booster

THE Morale Booster

This weekly email from John Hopler includes leadership tips, news briefs and inspiring quotes to stir your faith in Jesus Christ. 


pastors wives newsletter

Pastors Wives Newsletter

It's hard to be a pastor's wife!! One monthly source of encouragement is the Pastors Wives Newsletter.


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How would you like to devote 5 minutes each week to advance the gospel throughout the world? The Prayer Alliance is a ministry that mobilizes Christians to pray for the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ through GCC churches. Members of the Prayer Alliance receive a weekly email and short video as a prayer prompt. Those who want to devote more time to prayer have the option to pray through a regional prayer card with specific requests, church by church.  


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Prayer Partners

Over 1,000 people are committed to prayer for the churches, projects, and missionaries in GCC on a daily basis.