1. Great Commission Mindset. The overall goal of Mission-USA is to evangelize the lost and disciple them to become obedient followers of Christ (Matt. 28:19,20). Church planting is a key way God works to see this goal achieved.

  2. Prayer. Since God is the One who multiplies churches, prayer is our first activity (1 Tim. 2:1,2). Through the monthly GCC Prayer Partners Card and through regional prayer times, movement wide prayer is made for new church plants.

  3. Grassroots goal setting. We value each local church taking responsibility for planting churches. Regional and national leadership in Great Commission work in cooperation with local churches in setting goals for new plants in the U.S.

  4. Continue to promote and teach the value of church planting and the responsibility of each local church to plant churches. This teaching is done 1-on-1, in GCLI, in conferences (Pastors Conference, Faithwalkers, HSLT, etc.), on the web and in other communiqués.

  5. Seasonal regionals for church leaders where Mission USA is promoted. This event is to our mission what a Newcomers Class is to the local church. At this event, church members, and potential church planters (with their wives and key leaders) come to be envisioned, oriented, and encouraged to plant new churches.

  6. Coaching of church planters through the local church. Church planting candidates are assessed (using the GCC assessment tool and the Elder Qualification Test). They then are coached through the Church Planters Toolkit by pastors and other regional leaders.

  7. Specialty coaching/seminars and web resources to equip the church planting team. Coaching and seminars are offered to the volunteers of church plants on such topics as programming a Sunday service; children's ministries; small groups; legal/administrative issues; and assimilation. In addition, "turn-key" web resources are available to help the volunteer workers for the church plants.

  8. Special funding for this mission. Major donor appeals, regional tithes, GCM staff training, and special offerings from churches are used to raise the necessary funding for church plants.

  9. Regional short term mission teams. Short term mission teams are mobilized to launch and support new churches within each region.

  10. Partnering with other churches and ministries. We partner with others in the body of Christ any way we can. This includes: Networking for building a team; raising funds; and connecting with ministries such as Portable Church, Outreach Marketing; and other church plants.

If you or someone you know has a growing vision to plant a church in the USA, please email John Hopler at the Great Commission Churches national office 
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