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Obeying the Command to “GO!” by Thomas Lemus

July 23, 2012 - 12:31 PM

Thomas Lemus and Family“Go and make disciples of all the nations.” This verse often leaves me with the thought, “Go, who me?”

The first time I understood what God meant by “go” was in 1980 at a GCC conference in New York City. The passion, love and commitment of the men leading this conference to obey the Great Commission, coupled with our pastor Freddy Perez’s desire for us to do the same, moved me to take part in this great adventure of seeing the world ransformed by the power of the Gospel. Constant exposure to the teachings and modeling of men who were living out the Great Commission the following years really moved me. In 1985 I went on a short-term mission trip to El Salvador to help with the planting of a church there. That trip changed my life forever. It was there where the Great Commission became embedded within my heart and I decided then that I wanted to “go” and plant churches wherever God would lead.

In 1987 God gave me the privilege of teaming with 5 other young men and women to plant a church in the Dominican Republic. While working to make disciples in this new church plant, God united my heart with the love of my life. Nancy was one of the three courageous women who were part of our missionary team. In 1989 we were married, and 10 years later God gave us, through adoption, two of the greatest beings on earth, Melanie and Bryan.

In 1992 we felt God leading us back to the states to re-focus and wait on His leading for a future church plant venture. While in Miami, I was asked to help with a new English service (The Rock Miami). Together with a few other families and new believers from La Roca, God began to lead us to Palm Coast, FL. In 2006 we moved to plant The Journey Church. We believe that this work is an intercultural, intergenerational expression of God’s grace. Today, we are blessed to be working alongside Herschel Martindale, our sister churches Walnut Creek and Oak Ridge, and the LINC Dominican Republic team to plant a church in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Wow, what an adventure! All of this because I heard God say “go!” I thank God that He is allowing me to be part of what He is doing. I have always believed that God has a plan for my life. Often I have wondered why God doesn’t choose someone else that may do it better. But He reminds me that…“The LORD will work out His plans for my life…” Psalm 138:8. I fully believe that He will continue to do so. I am thankful that I heard His command to “go.” With God’s
grace, I went and will continue to go.

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